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  • D.J. Richardson

Which Paul Hubbs Married Flora Ross?

Flora Ross married Paul Kinsey Hubbs, Jr. in 1859, in Victoria, then the capital of the Colony of Vancouver Island. While that much seems to be accepted, there are several references in books, articles in print, and posts on the internet, that have described Flora as having married a man forty years her senior when she was only a girl of seventeen. This is a mistaken reference to her father-in-law, Paul Kinsey Hubbs, Sr., who was forty-three years older than his daughter-in-law. Flora’s actual husband (until she divorced him), was twenty-seven years old at the time they were married, and was only ten years her senior. [Read the entire article on, at the following link:

This photo, from a 1910 newspaper obituary for Paul K. Hubbs, Jr., may be the only surviving photo of him.

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